Mar 18, 2024

I’ve got a few websites/pages available online which might be useful/interesting:

  • is for generating UUIDs when you can’t be faffed to cat /proc/sys/kernel/random/uuid (or when you just have curl)
  • generates mediocre passwords in a way that they can easily be copied/cURLed to other places


  • Systemd Params by Version is a page which lists systemd parameters (which may be configured in systemd unitfiles) by their systemd versions, which the official documentation doesn’t list. This is useful if you deal with writing Unitfiles for a range of Operating Systems, as some options aren’t always available if the version of systemd isn’t the newest. This information is now included in the official systemd documentation, so this should no-longer be required.
  • is a table of Linux distributions and their “end of life” dates. Sadly I don’t keep it updated any more. Patches welcome.

If you have any suggestions or issues with any of these, please email me.

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