The Author

Oct 3, 2021

James is based in Cambridge, UK, and is currently a Linux systems administrator with over 15 years of experience building and fixing complicated distributed Linux systems.

Skills and Experience

  • Linux, macOS, BSD system administration & support at all levels
  • Management of large (>20k cores) HPC/HTC systems for scientific research
  • Running technical teams
  • Stakeholder management within large technical research projects
  • Completion of large public-sector IT procurements (£millions)
  • Working knowledge of a diverse set of Linux distributions
    • Debian/Ubuntu
    • RedHat/CentOS/RockyLinux/SUSE/Fedora
    • NixOS
    • Alpine
  • Kubernetes deployment/management (on-premise/cloud)
  • Installation, configuration and management of ethernet network equipment (Mellanox, Dell, Cisco)
  • Software development in Go, Rust, Ruby, Python, PHP, Perl…
  • Shell scripting/automation (including Puppet, Ansible)
  • Experience working with cloud services (AWS, Google Cloud, Azure)
  • Installation and maintenance of high-performance storage (Pure, Panasas, Quobyte, Equalogic, Ceph, etc)
  • Datacentre work in on-premise/third-party datacentres (installation of rack-mounted equipment and working in secure facilities)



  • BSc Computer Science @ Lancaster University (2005-2008)
  • A-Levels/GCSEs

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